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Just too much sugar…………

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar ………..

I was shocked to read the following “Americans ate less than 20 pounds of refined sugar per person per year in the early 1900’s, but by now that figure has reached over 200 pounds of sugar and artificial sweeteners”

Many I am sure will ask but how can this be possible, well I have no doubt this is possible when you actually study what is in an item you are about to put into your mouth.

I try to make our own cakes and biscuits with my children to give them an understanding  of what goes in to the item they are eating but Istrongly  believe it is time the food companies took responsibility and made changes to their products to protect the health of the nation.

Why not check out what is in your next food item and if you do’t like the findings, search out a better product. Its not about saying No to items with sugar in, its about making changes for the better 🙂

Terese from FitKid, Kent receives a great review from Riverside Children’s Centre

Great feedback on FitKid activitites

It’s wonderful to hear such great feedback for Terese’s FitKid sessions. She is doing a fantastic job of helping the children of Kent stay Fit and Healthy.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Terese at FitKid for her work at Riverside Children’s centre over the summer holidays.Terese came each Tuesday for four weeks, for an hour session each week. She was very flexible when we asked if we could have a different type of active session which would fit in with our planned themed activities each week. The activities which were provided were fun, interactive and always varied. children of all ages were engaged into this session and held concentration for the majority of it, even though many are very young. The parachute games and ideas were fantastic and many of the parents commented on how well planned these sessions were. This was a great way of promoting healthier lifestyles in our sessions and have provided families with ideas which they can take home to use with their children. 

The feedback we had from parents and children were all very positive and many have said they would like to have the opportunity to join in with this type of activity in the future. I would especially like to commend Terese on her efforts as the weather was very hot and with such an active session she never stopped working hard and running about with the children.

Thank you very much for all your wonderful play sessions you provided, and I very much hope to see you and the team in our sessions in the future! Faye McMahon, Children’s Worker,Riverside Children’s Centre

To find out more about Terese’s sessions, please email her at terese@fitkid.co.uk

Keep up the great work Terese 🙂

FitKid prepares for International Expansion

International here we come ……………

FitKid is in the final stages of speaking with new partners to enable our franchise opportunity to be run in different locations in the world.

We have substantial interest from companies and individuals who wish to run our franchise operation in their communities and it is personally exciting to help children world wide be active in a fun FitKid physical activity session.

Watch this space for more details and if you are interested in running the franchise, please do make contact with me to discuss further. My email is nicky@fitkid.co.uk

Alec helps nursery in Birmingham secure healthy lifestyle award

Its smiles in Birmingham today 🙂

Again I am so proud of the work that the franchisees are undertaking in the community, it is really making positive changes to children lives 🙂

Alec who is our franchisee based in Birmingham, offers LazyTown Sports Club sessions within a local nursery. Today the manager has  told him that the nursery have just been awarded a healthy lifestyle award partly due to the LazyTown Sports Club classes.

Alec has been invited to go along with them and a few of their children to pick up their award at Birmingham City Football Club. The nursery are very pleased about the fantastic work undertaken by Alec.

To find out more about Alec coming along to your nursery or school, please email him at alec@fitkid.co.uk

LazyTown Sports club at Hadlow Children’s Centre, Kent

More exciting news

LazyTown Sports Club recently went to Hadlow Children’s Centre in Tonbridge, Kent and ran a session for the local children as part of their half term activities.

Becky the centre manager has now asked for Terese to go back and run regular sessions for the children at her centre she commented  “The children  really  loved it and the parents also said how good it great. I’d love to get them doing a regular exercise session, I think it’d be great to get them active and also be a great way to work on their confidence”

Terese will be starting sessions with the centre in April and looks forward to working with them to encourage the children in the local community to get moving.

To find out more about terese’s sessions contact her at terese@fitkid.co.uk

Record breaking day for Karina

Karina has had a record number of children through the LazyTown Sports Club virtual doors yesterday. 

The day started early with her arrival at Sundorne Infants School for a 15 minute Wake Up and Shake Up session.  All 250 children in Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 2 had been told that the ‘LazyTown Lady’ was coming to the school.  She then found out that the Hall had a maximum capacity for about 80.  There was no way that she was going to let any of those children down so… that was 3 back to back Wake Up and Shake Up sessions first thing in the morning and 250 very happy smiley children (what a rush). 

Next she shot (driving very carefully!) to her Nursery session to run her weekly session with 25 little pre-school smiley faces.  Then she traveled to Meole Brace Primary for an after school club with 30 energetic and lively 4-6 yr olds.  In total she motivated over 300 kids to get active with the LazyTown Sports Club…… the challenge is on…. next week she is aiming for more.

To bring Karina to your location in Shropshire, email her at karina@fitkid.co.uk

The media takes notice

It’s twice in a week that I have received a message from Adele, my franchisee in Grimsby to tell me the media are coming out to her classes to report on her exciting activities.

Last week she made the front page, so let’s see what tomorrows visit brings for Adele. It is so exciting to spread the word about the great activities.

If you know anyone who is interesting in reporting on our activities to help reduce childhood obesity, please contact me.

Adele in Grimsby starts trial sessions

Adele will be starting our fantastic sessions in the Grimbsby and surrounding area from January 2011 and her promotion to date is paying great dividends and I am so excited to have another instructor on the ground meaning more children will be being active. 🙂

Adele has her first promotional FitKid class in a school in Cleethorpes for their Out of School Club on Monday 20th December and is very excited to be bring the classes to her local community.

The enquiries are flooding in for January, she has a promotional LazyTown Sports club class in a school in January in Grimsby who are looking for activites for their children for Breakfast Clubs and Out of school clubs. Enquiries have also come in from another school in Grimsby for LazyTown & Fitkid for after school. Again this schools our double brand offering means the franchisee can offer so much more 🙂

This is an exciting time for us as the good work is now being spread across the UK. Next steps for me in January is to make this happen in many more locations, lets get the kids active and stop the growing statistics of childhood obesity.

Adele will be starting classes in January at venues around Grimsby to find out more, please email adele@fitkid.co.uk

Meet Terese at Sevenoaks High Street. Get introduced to the LazyTown Sports Club in Kent

Im exicted to hear that Terese, one of our latest franchisees, will be entertaining the Children at the christmas lights Switch on in Sevenoaks this friday.

Head on down and say hello to Terese and join in her activities 🙂

LazyTown Sports Club and Sportacus* at Center Parcs Promotion

It’s a busy time at FitKid 

I wanted to let you know about my exciting week ahead and it’s certainly a busy one.

It’s off to London for me later this week for back to back meetings and also I’m very pleased to be collecting the Lazy Town Sports Club Master trainer “Dyri” from the airport who is here to work with us on training more people to deliver  The Lazy Town Sports Club Classes. He is also assisting with 2 big promotional events this weekend for the LazyTown Sports Club as one of his other many jobs in life is a body double for ‘Sportacus’

Well let me tell you more about our trainer Dyri, he started working for LazyTown in 2006 as a stunt double on the LazyTown set. Due to an injury by Magnus Scheving, Dyri was asked to cover a Sportacus appearance in the UK and the rest is history.

He has now performed as Sportacus over 264 times and also works as the Master LazyTown Sports Club trainer to ensure the trainers are slick on all the moves and routinues. He certainly works the candidates hard, I remember the first training course very well which I attended, I am sure he had his finger stuck on the repeat button on the ipod at times. The trainer sessions are great fun and everyone comes out excited and motivated to teach quality and fun LazyTown Sports Club sessions.

My two daughters find it funny to make up a new challenge for Dyri when he visits to testout his back flipping and gymnastic skills 🙂   They told me the challenge this visit is to back handspring  over a skipping rope while it is turning. They saw this done by a young boy at Epcot who made it look very easy. I wonder if Dyri will be up for the challenge…………….

 If you would like to join us on LazyTown’s mission of moving the world, please email me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk for more information. We are actively seeking dedicated and motivated people to join us.

* Official Actor