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Come and join in the fun at the Official Scottish National Motorshow this weekend

LazyTown Sports Club will be appearing on Sunday at the Official Scottish National motorshow at Knockhill from 12pm performing a free class to entertain the children attending the event…Knockhill’s Stig may even join in! To find out more contact Mandy@fitkid.co.uk or call 08445 605451

Adele in Grimsby starts trial sessions

Adele will be starting our fantastic sessions in the Grimbsby and surrounding area from January 2011 and her promotion to date is paying great dividends and I am so excited to have another instructor on the ground meaning more children will be being active. 🙂

Adele has her first promotional FitKid class in a school in Cleethorpes for their Out of School Club on Monday 20th December and is very excited to be bring the classes to her local community.

The enquiries are flooding in for January, she has a promotional LazyTown Sports club class in a school in January in Grimsby who are looking for activites for their children for Breakfast Clubs and Out of school clubs. Enquiries have also come in from another school in Grimsby for LazyTown & Fitkid for after school. Again this schools our double brand offering means the franchisee can offer so much more 🙂

This is an exciting time for us as the good work is now being spread across the UK. Next steps for me in January is to make this happen in many more locations, lets get the kids active and stop the growing statistics of childhood obesity.

Adele will be starting classes in January at venues around Grimsby to find out more, please email adele@fitkid.co.uk

Fat chance for our children’s health unless habits change!

An article I thought I would share….

This article, although not hugely positive, was on Wales Online the other day and I thought I would let you all take a look if you have not already seen it yet.

The highlight of the article is:

“A GENERATION of Welsh children is being brought up who will be outlived by their parents, a health expert warned yesterday.

It came as figures from the Welsh Health Survey, published yesterday, showed 34% of Welsh children are overweight or obese, including nearly one in five who are obese.

The survey also showed more than half of adults in Wales are overweight, including 21% who are obese. Nearly a quarter of adults currently smoke.

Professor Bruce Davies, of the department of health and exercise science at the University of Glamorgan, said: “Around 60% of children who are overweight have another risk factor, such as high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, low HDL or high blood pressure.

“Without question we are breeding a group of children who will be outlived by their parents unless we do something about it.”

The whole article, thanks to Wales Online can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/334hlht

For me, this highlights that there is still a lot more work to be done…

LazyTown Sports Club franchises for Scotland!

Sportacus and his little helpers want you!!!

Mandy Beer is amazing and is doing wonderfully well in Scotland as our first LazyTown Sports Club franchisee in Scotland!

Now Scotland… You want more Mandy’s and we know you are out there. Bottom line is, to back Mandy up, we want more Mandys!

We just want to say that we are delighted by the commitment and positive attitude Mandy has delivered to the development of the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid concept in Scotland.

Her success with leisure providers ranging from local leisure centres up to the Gleneagles Hotel is testament to her work and the growing interest in this project.

Do you want to get involved?

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved in Scotland.

If you want to see the advert, it will be in the next edition of Family Life Magazine. Summer Edition…click here: http://www.familylifemagazine.co.uk/dl/summer10/

Of course if you are not in Scotland, we want to hear from you also and your interest in the LazyTown Sports Club Project!

Thanks also to all of those businesses, parents, and of course children, who have engaged with this fantastic product to date.

If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to attend a class yet, keep up to date on new announcements and developments here on the Blog!

Paultons Park visit for The LazyTown Sports Club Team

Jump, Hop and Skip it’s off to Paultons Park we go….. 

I’m now counting down the days to our visit to Paulton’s Park and I am very excited as Sportacus* will be coming to see the children learn his special LazyTown Sports Club moves.

The activities will take place at Paulton’s Park on Saturday 14th August 2010, we will  entertain the children and teach some special Sportacus superhero moves. Kids and parents will beable to join in the LazyTown pirate adventure, jump around to the Bing Bang, learn the Welcome to LazyTown action moves and receive a special health message from Sportacus.

 We are looking for dedicated and passionate people to assist us in getting more children active, if you would like to discuss this exciting business opportunity, please do contact us to discuss.

This is an event not to be missed, contact us to let us know you are coming, at enquiries@fitkid.co.uk or call 08700 85 1000 for more details or visit www.fitkid.co.uk / http://www.lazytown.com/sportsclub or www.paultonspark.co.uk

* Offical Actor

Everyone Get Moving – Watch less TV!

Every hour in front of the box pushes up the risk of dying from heart disease!

This article was in the Daily Mail earlier this week and is relevant to all the Family.

Read more: http://tinyurl.com/2cxonxf

Why not get moving with the children this weekend and get some fun products to engage with the children. FitKid is currently populating its online store and you can see some of the products now at http://www.fitkid.co.uk/shop/

If you would like to learn more about the kinds of games you can play with any form of equipment, drop me a line and perhaps we can create an engaging game for you to play as a family with that piece of play/sports equipment!

Over the years I have taken pride in the engaging stories and adventures that can be created from simple pieces of equipment. Young kids love the experience as a ball is then not just a ball or indeed a hoop is not just a hoop.

Come on, lets get moving this weekend and be creative with our kids. They will engage a lot more if the experience is fun and intuitive

Sportacus* from LazyTown comes to Bournemouth

Big Bear Events team up with FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club!

FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club - Poole

I am very excited that it is now not long until our fun day in Bournemouth. On sunday 13th June 2010 we are working with Big bear Events to offer a children’s fun day in Bournemouth this is to assist us to encourage more children to be active and have fun moving.

Last years event was very successful and I am so pleased to be returning to Bournemouth again this year. We will be including activities from the local community including children who have been attending The NEW LazyTown Sports Club sessions. There will also be the opportuntiy to interactive with Sportacus* from LazyTown and show him the moves you have learnt with The LazyTown Sports Club Team before he arrives.

It is a free event, opening the activities to all, so please come along and get active with us. I am looking forward to seeing lots of Mini Sportacus’ and Stephanie’s, please let the sun shine on sunday.


Prizes for your school raffle in Eastleigh

Local Fundraising Initiatives grow in Eastleigh!

FitKid - Fun Fitness for a Healthier Future - Eastleigh

I was very excited to hear from my franchisee Cilla in Eastleigh, Hampshire who has decided to help local schools with their fundraising efforts.

She is offering all schools in her local area a prize of a FitKid party for their school raffle, this is great community support from Cilla who is so dedicated to helping children lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you are a school in Eastleigh and would be interested in a prize for your school fair, please contact cilla at cilla@fitkid.co.uk

Activity is not just for Volcanos – Don’t Delay!

Exploit the Active Story in the News!

First of all sorry for not being in contact for a couple of weeks. I took a couple of well deserved weeks off in the US and managed to return on time thankfully with no Volcano delays in my case.

Well we have the first of the May bank holidays coming up here in the UK so keeping topical, when was the last time you really let your hair down and got active at the weekend?

It’s alarmingly easy to become entrenched in the day to day drudgery of routine, worries and feeling not great about yourself. Maybe you have forgotten how to release the constraints of self-consciousness and let yourself go, have fun and start smiling from the bottom of your heart?

Getting active with your kids is the perfect thing to do. Even at a young age they can feel the same as you so get up and move together as a family this weekend.

Go to the park, become a kid again. Run around, and play. Fitness can be fun and fundamentals start with play. Why don’t you play this weekend. It is a long one so get out there and run around.

Invent some games. Why not make new games…Play Volcanos perhaps! Get some skipping ropes and jump up and down like explosions from the Volcano while skipping. Roll around on the ground pretending to be lava flows. Throw and catch balls, lots of them as if they were large pieces of rock flying in the sky. Even run around pretending to be planes….or at least those that can fly 🙂

Drop me a note if you want some ideas of what to do.

Have fun and keep moving. Fun Fitness for a Healthier Future TM

Fitness, Kids, Fun and Home! Do you allow it?

Is your home a playground, a show home or a Fun Home! Positive habits in exercise can be formed in all manner of ways and kids are no different. I remember when I was younger I used to play with my brother and run around all over the place. In and out. OK, there are always limitation in the home, but let them get active. Many children are unfortunately not given the ability to go out and play, so let them do it at home as well. My children, as well as playing in the park etc love nothing more than building Gym courses with blankets, stools, and cushions and running around getting active at home. They work up a good head of steam and it is all positive. Just make sure they keep drinking water while they are doing it! AND keep them out of the kitchen 🙂