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FitKid Grimsby is ready for the summer holidays

Summer holidays are on their way

It’s nearly that time of year again and Fitkid Grimsbyi s ready for the summer holidays, so don’t delay, book your sessions today.

Our holidays sessions will include fun games including team, tag, parachute, tandem space hopper relay games, olympic based relay games and craft activities.

FitKid Grimsby Holiday Clubs run from 9am-3pm for ONLY £11 per child per day

26 & 27 July and 1, 2, 7, 8, 14 August – British Legion Club, waltham

30 & 31 August – Scartho Infants School, Edge Avenue, Scartho

Come and join in the fun, contact for more details and to confirm your booking.

FitKid teams up with Bumpeez to encourage more children to be active

What an excting start to 2012, FitKid has teamed up with popular collectable toy, Bumpeez during the Easter holidays to encourage more children to get active whilst having fun.

 FitKid will be holding Easter Workshops where children will receive a free pack of Bumpeez and be taught a range of exciting and interactive games to play.

The latest Health Survey for England (HSE) data has predicted that 25% of children will be obese by 2050. To combat this worrying statistic, FitKid aim’s to provide children with fun fitness activities to help improve their health and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Using fun play equipment including balls, bean bags, hoops, spacehoppers and a parachute, FitKid engages the children in multi skilled sessions that assist with developing the key skills for sport in addition to providing children with health benefits.

It’s fantastic to have teamed with Bumpeez to encourage more children to be active while having fun. Bumpeez are great to get children active and playing games with their friends which fits with the ethos of FitKid”

Priced at £1.99 a pack, Bumpeez are a fantastic pocket money purchase for parents and kids. There are over 100 characters to collect including special limited edition gold, silver and swirly Bumpeez.  Each Bumpee consists of two parts – a circular chip featuring a cool character, which is encased in a highly tactile, removable silicon ring that comes in a variety of different shapes and colours. When the chip is in the ring the Bumpee can be bounced against walls and used to play more than 25 games and perform tricks with the different shaped rings requiring a varying degree of skill to bounce.

“This is a great marketing initiative, which will increase awareness of the Bumpeez brand at a key retail period,” comments Jeroen Menting, Managing Director, Glow Europe. “Partnering with FitKid will highlight the active nature of Bumpeez as well as encouraging more children to interact with Bumpeez through fun and engaging activities.”

To find out more about attending our workshops or to offer FitKid in your community, please email or call 0203012 0202

Take control of your life and financial future …………….

Let’s keep positive and keep things moving along

I have to say I am starting to get fed up of people moaning and saying that things will never get better in this economy. It appears many people’s attitude is “So what’s the point of even trying”

I believe this can’t be further from the truth, we all have to believe in the future and think positively and work hard and before we know it we will be out the other side. If we all give up then yes things won’t move forward but if everyone does there bit, it will make it easier for all.

This Economic climate creates many opportunities including an ideal time to start your own business.  It’s proven that in a tough economy is a fantastic time to get out and start your own business, take control of your own life and put your future in your own hands.

Join me in showing your support for a positive future 🙂

World Thinking Day Celebrated in Poole

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers celebrate “World Thinking Day” in Poole, Dorset.

I had such a lovely day on Saturday running FitKid sessions for over 150 Rainbows and Brownies and my colleague Maggie ran FitKid for the Guides and Rangers.

We played many fun games and lots of smiles and giggles were shared during the sessions along with lots of high pitch screaming from the younger girls as they got in to the full flow of the games.

It was lovely to see so many smiling and happy faces 🙂 A pleasure to teach these lovely girls and young ladies.

Pudsey visits Bournemouth

It was such a pleasure to have Pudsey to stay last weekend.

We picked him up from Southampton on Friday evening and head straigh to Bournemouth Station where Pudsey got a tour of the Cross Country train before it headed back to birmingham. He was able to look in the cab and enjoyed sitting at a table with Ellie, lauren and Daniel who attend FitKid.

On Saturday  he came with us to Bournemouth and met many of his fans and joined in a FitKid workout.

It was lots of fun and great to have Pudsey with us for the weekend.

On sunday we returned Pudsey to Southampton and my daughters were very sad to say Bye Bye to him. However we are off to seeiung him on Friday to hand over our fundraising.

A great fun wekend for all and a great opportuntity to raise funds for a very worth while cause.

Fund out more about our activities at


Find out more about the FitKid Franchise

Find out about the FitKid Franchise

I’m passionate about helping chidlren to lead a healthy lifestyle and wanted to share with you details of our franchise which is helping children across the UK get active and have fun at FitKid.

Contact me now at for more details about this exciting opportunity and let’s get kids active across the UK and further afield.

Get active and have fun in the rain with jumping bubbles in puddles

The Summer comes to an end

I have to say, what a wonderful end to the summer, I can’t believe I was sat on the beach in Poole at the weekend and even swimming in the sea, such a treat as we had all thought the summer had gone away.

However the rain has now arrived and I may finally have to put my flip flops away and find myself some nice winter boots 🙂

Please don’t stop being active though, have fun with your kids in any weather, get outside and enjoy yourself. I personally don’t believe there is unsuitable weather just unsuitable clothing so kit yourselves out and get outside.

To help you have fun, why not play the following game in the rain –

Jumping bubbles in the puddles –  Kids love playing outside in the rain so why not try this game. Take some washing up liquid and some very long straws with you out in the rain. Find a puddle and get the kids to squirt some washing up liquid in to the puddle.  Give the kids a very long straw each (link straws together if you do not have very long straws) and get them to blow bubbles in the puddles. Watch the bubbles explode in the puddles as the kids blow on the straws. Once the puddle has lots of bubbles, jump up and down splashing in the bubbly puddles.

Have fun and let me know how you all enjoy the game 🙂