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FitKid Grimsby is ready for the summer holidays

Summer holidays are on their way

It’s nearly that time of year again and Fitkid Grimsbyi s ready for the summer holidays, so don’t delay, book your sessions today.

Our holidays sessions will include fun games including team, tag, parachute, tandem space hopper relay games, olympic based relay games and craft activities.

FitKid Grimsby Holiday Clubs run from 9am-3pm for ONLY £11 per child per day

26 & 27 July and 1, 2, 7, 8, 14 August – British Legion Club, waltham

30 & 31 August – Scartho Infants School, Edge Avenue, Scartho

Come and join in the fun, contact adele@fitkid.co.uk for more details and to confirm your booking.

FitKid builds confidence and self-esteem

FitKid helps build children’s confidence and self- esteem

It’s tuesday evening and having just returned from the PTA meeting at my daughters school, I was excited to read an email from Adele, who is the FitKid franchisee in the Grimsby and surrounding area.

Adele wanted to share with me the feedback she had received from a parent of a child attending one of her FitKid sessions. Reading the feedback brought a massive smile to my face and I wanted to share it with you all 🙂

“FitKid welcome all children, Adele gives children individual attention building  their confidence and self- esteem.  If children are new Adele will pair them up so they feel included. Shaya keeps going back to FitKid as she has lots of fun and Adele offers new activities that take alot of thought and creativity. Shaya feels confident to try new activities and challenges herself more and more. The confidence, being part of team games and the new experiences that FitKid provides has been beneficial for Shaya even at School especially during P.E. and after school clubs” Nirvana Ghandour, Parent of Shaya

It’s comments like this that make all the hard work involved with running FitKid worthwhile. Seeing the excitement on the children’s faces when they attend classes is priceless and I hope over the coming months and years we can assist more children to develop positive attitudes to physical activity which is fun and rewarding.

To find out more about Adele’s activities, please email her at adele@fitkid.co.uk.

If you would like to run FitKid in your community, please contact me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk for more details.

FitKid fun in Poole over Easter

Fantastic feedback from the FitKid Easter workshops in Poole

I’m sat at my desk thinking back over the last two weeks and feeling that lovely warm feeling inside me that a fantastic job has been done by the team at Fitkid in Poole.

The Easter holidays proved to be very exciting in Poole with many FitKid workshops being delivered to keep the children active and healthy over the school holidays.

Children participated in lots of different fun sporting activities including the NEW Tandeem spacehoppers which were very popular.

They also enjoyed Easter craft and the results were fantastic.

Craig who has just started working for the team quoted “I’m really enjoying working with FitKid it’s so much fun for all”

Due to FitKid’s partnership with Bumpeez, all children attending received a free packet of Bumpeez and it certainly was Bumpeez mayhem as they were all playing games with them and swapping to add to their collections.

I even managed to get out of the office myself and run a couple of the workshops, you can not put a value on seeing the kids big smiles and hearing them all happily giggling.

If you fancy joining the FitKid team and having fun working, please contact us on 023 0120202 for more details or email enquiries@fitkid.co.uk

Edward commits to 100 hours of FitKid

What an achievement, Edward Burden who attend’s Longfleet School in Poole, Dorset has now achieved his 100 hours certificate of participation at FitKid classes. Edward who is 10 and has been attending FitKid for the last 5 years was very excited to achieve the award.

FitKid is a fun fitness class for children and encourages them to get active while having fun using their muscles and bones at the same time as learning important key skills for sport.

Edward commented “ I started FitKid when I was 5 years old in reception and still enjoy attending the weekly sessions. The games we play are really fun. The game I enjoy most is ‘River Bank’, where you either jump forward or backward on command over a line. Some of the other games we play are ‘Dodge Ball’, Sharks & Life Guards’ and ‘Domes & Dishes’. When we play the games, we either run, walk, skip, jump, hop etc. All of this stretches our muscles and can be very exhausting. During each session all the exercise gives me a happy feeling. If I have had a busy day at school going to FitKid makes me feel relaxed.  I think Fit Kid is a really good club and all the children that decide to do it will really enjoy it. I am not looking forward to when I have to give it up when I move up to Secondary School.

I personally was very excited to hear Jo had rewarded Edward with his  100 hour Certificate and badge. “It’s such a fantastic commitment by Edward, he has dedicated an hour after school for 100 weeks to achieve the award. He is an inspiration to other children and many now can’t wait to achieve the same award”.

FitKid is keen to help more children get active, so if we can help you, please do make contact. Email enquiries@fitkid.co.uk or call 08700 85 1000

Find out more about the FitKid Franchise

Find out about the FitKid Franchise

I’m passionate about helping chidlren to lead a healthy lifestyle and wanted to share with you details of our franchise which is helping children across the UK get active and have fun at FitKid.

Contact me now at nicky@fitkid.co.uk for more details about this exciting opportunity and let’s get kids active across the UK and further afield.

Get active and have fun in the rain with jumping bubbles in puddles

The Summer comes to an end

I have to say, what a wonderful end to the summer, I can’t believe I was sat on the beach in Poole at the weekend and even swimming in the sea, such a treat as we had all thought the summer had gone away.

However the rain has now arrived and I may finally have to put my flip flops away and find myself some nice winter boots 🙂

Please don’t stop being active though, have fun with your kids in any weather, get outside and enjoy yourself. I personally don’t believe there is unsuitable weather just unsuitable clothing so kit yourselves out and get outside.

To help you have fun, why not play the following game in the rain –

Jumping bubbles in the puddles –  Kids love playing outside in the rain so why not try this game. Take some washing up liquid and some very long straws with you out in the rain. Find a puddle and get the kids to squirt some washing up liquid in to the puddle.  Give the kids a very long straw each (link straws together if you do not have very long straws) and get them to blow bubbles in the puddles. Watch the bubbles explode in the puddles as the kids blow on the straws. Once the puddle has lots of bubbles, jump up and down splashing in the bubbly puddles.

Have fun and let me know how you all enjoy the game 🙂

Terese is congratulated by Verner’s mum

FitKid Party  feedback

Its lovely to hear that Verner had a fun time at the FitKid party delivered by Terese in Kent.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for making Verner’s birthday one to remember. They all had a lot of fun and the feedback has been very positive.”

To find out about booking a FitKid party, please email enquiries@fitkid.co.uk


Terese from FitKid, Kent receives a great review from Riverside Children’s Centre

Great feedback on FitKid activitites

It’s wonderful to hear such great feedback for Terese’s FitKid sessions. She is doing a fantastic job of helping the children of Kent stay Fit and Healthy.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Terese at FitKid for her work at Riverside Children’s centre over the summer holidays.Terese came each Tuesday for four weeks, for an hour session each week. She was very flexible when we asked if we could have a different type of active session which would fit in with our planned themed activities each week. The activities which were provided were fun, interactive and always varied. children of all ages were engaged into this session and held concentration for the majority of it, even though many are very young. The parachute games and ideas were fantastic and many of the parents commented on how well planned these sessions were. This was a great way of promoting healthier lifestyles in our sessions and have provided families with ideas which they can take home to use with their children. 

The feedback we had from parents and children were all very positive and many have said they would like to have the opportunity to join in with this type of activity in the future. I would especially like to commend Terese on her efforts as the weather was very hot and with such an active session she never stopped working hard and running about with the children.

Thank you very much for all your wonderful play sessions you provided, and I very much hope to see you and the team in our sessions in the future! Faye McMahon, Children’s Worker,Riverside Children’s Centre

To find out more about Terese’s sessions, please email her at terese@fitkid.co.uk

Keep up the great work Terese 🙂

Family fun in Bournemouth on Thursday

Don’t miss the Family Festival in Bournemouth

Come and join in the fun at the Bournemouth Family Festival on Thursday 28th July from 10am.

There are over 160 stalls onsite and lots of entertainment.

You will find the FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club Team there to entertain the children and a Sportacus will be flying in to see what the children have been doing at the lazyTown Sports Club.

To find out more email activeconcepts@fitkid.co.uk

A fun day in Kent for The LazyTown Sports Club Team

Terese had fun in Kent with Sportacus 

Terese had a very exciting day on monday when Sportacus flew into Kent for a special guest appearance at Sencio Leisure Centre’s in Swanley, Sevenoaks and Edenbridge, he came and entertained the children with all his amazing acrobatics. She said it was great to see the big smiles on the children’s faces as they got to meet their favourite superhero and was so excited to be taught superhero moves from Sportacus himself it really did make their day. She is looking forward to seeing the children at the LazyTown Sports Club classes throughout the summer to learn more of sportacus’s superhero moves. 

To find out more email her at terese@fitkid.co.uk