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Sportacus* from LazyTown comes to Bournemouth

Big Bear Events team up with FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club!

FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club - Poole

I am very excited that it is now not long until our fun day in Bournemouth. On sunday 13th June 2010 we are working with Big bear Events to offer a children’s fun day in Bournemouth this is to assist us to encourage more children to be active and have fun moving.

Last years event was very successful and I am so pleased to be returning to Bournemouth again this year. We will be including activities from the local community including children who have been attending The NEW LazyTown Sports Club sessions. There will also be the opportuntiy to interactive with Sportacus* from LazyTown and show him the moves you have learnt with The LazyTown Sports Club Team before he arrives.

It is a free event, opening the activities to all, so please come along and get active with us. I am looking forward to seeing lots of Mini Sportacus’ and Stephanie’s, please let the sun shine on sunday.


The LazyTown Sports Club Tour 2010

I am in the process of developing what I hope will be a Tour for the Summer of 2010, where myself and my team will be able to educate the masses as to what the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid is and how fun and engaging it can be for children and their parents alike. It will also promote the franchise opportunity and educate people as to how they could get involved with this fantastic project in their area.

Who are the LazyTown Sports Club Team? Many children and parents ask me about the connection to LazyTown of the LazyTown Sports Club Team powered by FitKid. Well let me help you with a little bit of further information…..Sportacus is a very busy man and he wants to Move the World and all the kids in it! However he cannot be everywhere all the time with the LazyTown TV Show being broadcast in over 120 countries. So here is an analogy. Think of Sportacus as Father Christmas for a moment…There is only one Father Christmas but he cannot spread his message of goodwill everywhere at the same time so he needs a team of helpers to spread the message and check that children are being good etc. Well, Sportacus wants to move the World and he needs helpers too. These helpers are the LazyTown Sports Club Team who have been trained specifically by Sportacus and his closest trainers to go out in to the community starting in the UK and Ireland and get kids moving, the LazyTown way. After all no-one is lazy in LazyTown. We are the LazyTown Sports Club Team and Sportacus approves all of the Team and what they do by harnessing the power of LazyTown through 100% official structured fun activity classes. I and my team are loving this project and we want to get more kids moving with it and through our contacts and franchisees. With FitKid powering the LazyTown Sports Club, we really hope we can bring the movement, excitement, and Go Go Go of the LazyTown TV Show to many more kids through these engaging physical activity classes and events  For more details, please contact me, Nicky Kay at enquiries@fitkid.co.uk