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Just too much sugar…………

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar ………..

I was shocked to read the following “Americans ate less than 20 pounds of refined sugar per person per year in the early 1900’s, but by now that figure has reached over 200 pounds of sugar and artificial sweeteners”

Many I am sure will ask but how can this be possible, well I have no doubt this is possible when you actually study what is in an item you are about to put into your mouth.

I try to make our own cakes and biscuits with my children to give them an understanding  of what goes in to the item they are eating but Istrongly  believe it is time the food companies took responsibility and made changes to their products to protect the health of the nation.

Why not check out what is in your next food item and if you do’t like the findings, search out a better product. Its not about saying No to items with sugar in, its about making changes for the better 🙂

FitKid UK Blog comes 9th in the Top 50 Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

Medical Assistant Colleges name us in their Top 50!!

Well, it seems to be a day of exciting news here at FitKid today….

Hot on the heels of our earlier announcement, we can inform you all that our Blog, within its first year, has won a place in the Top 50 Blogs for understanding and looking to prevent Childhood Obesity.

This is a great honour for FitKid and the fact that we cruised in at Number 9 is fantastic news

Both we, our partners, and our franchisees, will keep up the work of the last year well in to 2011 and beyond and we hope you will all keep following and blogging about ourwork

We intend to keep you informed of not only creative ideas and fun initiatives but of the work of all our partners as they progress further

If you would like to get moving with the FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club initiatives in your Area, please click on the photo and follow the links to our current live franchisees.

We have also recently been tapped up for further interviews on Radio and Television and visibility for our work will hopefully continue in to 2011 and beyond

We are heading North and before you say it, I know most things are north from Poole

Wow what a day , FitKid heads North

I am very pleased to tell you that FitKid Scotland opened its official office on Monday August 2nd at Castle Business Park Stirling. Its central location in Stirling means its ideal to reach many places in Scotland. This is really going to help get more kids moving and active which is the key aim of FitKid. The team in Scotland are just as passionate as we are in Poole and this is such an amazing time for us all.

Mandy Beer the manager of FitKid Scotland is very excited to be able to open this office as it now means Scottish franchises  have a base for training  and to discuss the amazing opportunities for both FitKid and LazyTown in the area.

The classes have been a huge success since they launched in Scotland a year ago and continue to grow at a rapid pace. To find our more about becoming involved with our activities, please email enquiries@fitkid.co.uk or call 08700 85 1000.

Paultons Park visit for The LazyTown Sports Club Team

Jump, Hop and Skip it’s off to Paultons Park we go….. 

I’m now counting down the days to our visit to Paulton’s Park and I am very excited as Sportacus* will be coming to see the children learn his special LazyTown Sports Club moves.

The activities will take place at Paulton’s Park on Saturday 14th August 2010, we will  entertain the children and teach some special Sportacus superhero moves. Kids and parents will beable to join in the LazyTown pirate adventure, jump around to the Bing Bang, learn the Welcome to LazyTown action moves and receive a special health message from Sportacus.

 We are looking for dedicated and passionate people to assist us in getting more children active, if you would like to discuss this exciting business opportunity, please do contact us to discuss.

This is an event not to be missed, contact us to let us know you are coming, at enquiries@fitkid.co.uk or call 08700 85 1000 for more details or visit www.fitkid.co.uk / http://www.lazytown.com/sportsclub or www.paultonspark.co.uk

* Offical Actor

200 children meet Sportacus in Scotland

Surprise visit

Mandy called me on friday to tell me that she was going to run a special LazyTown Sports club session at Little Stars Nursery in Stirlingshire and that she had heard that Sportacus was to visit.

Nearly 200 children met Sportacus and they were all very excitied. The children had come dressed up for the special LazyTown Sports Club session and certainly looked amazing from the picture Mandy sent to me. The children even did a press up with Sportacus to attempt a new World record!

The Power of Sportacus

The day had arrived for Sportacus’ visit to my franchisee Mandy who is based in Scotland. After our success in Dorset tackling childhood obesity with visits from Sportacus, Mandy knew this was the way forward for children in Scotland.

I have always believed that LazyTown has such a positive influence on children’s lifes and is a key to help them lead a healthy lifestyle and this visit by Sportacus to Scotland is one step closer to my dream of encouraging all children to be active.

I personally can not understand why some schools are stopping commercial companies assisting them to reduce childhood obesity. Surely now is the time for everyone to work together to reduce this problem. I heard today that Obesity is overtaking hunger as the world’s biggest health problem, say experts. The latest UN figures show there are more than a billion overweight people – including three million obese – and one billion malnourished.

This is shocking news and a big concern to all and we need to help make changes.

To me it was great to hear how the children have been active with Sportacus today and if this means that today has encouraged more children to get active then that is fantastic news.

Mandy is such a passionate person and is very dedicated to encouraging children to leada healthy lifestyle, I thank her for her suport in assisting me to live my dream of helping as many children as possible.

If you are passionate about helping children and would like to work with me, please do contact me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk

Obesity Rates amongst Kids UP or down…Who knows?

Funny and Frustrating…..Conflicting reports always tend to amuse me and frustrate me. Who is right. Any takers to give their opinion?

Opinion 1:

Child obesity shows new signs of decline…..

The rate of obesity in children under ten is showing signs of levelling off and could even be in decline, according to a report by the DCSF


Opinion 2:

Recent research has indicated that children’s fitness levels in the UK are falling faster than anywhere else in the world. Global fitness levels in the past decade have fallen on average 4%; however, shocking statistics reveal the figure for the UK is 8%.

In a running test, the average 1998 10 year old would beat 95% of their peers today.

Opinion 3 – MINE:

The best thing to do, no matter what the figures are and who supplies them is just keep active through engaging in fun activities as a family that keep your heart rate moving. Engage with those kids mum and dad.. J