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Heart FM – Have a Heart Appeal Kent

Have a Heart Appeal

In Support of Heart FM’s Have a Heart Appeal, LazyTown Sports club have been asked to provide activtities at the MC charity fun day event in Lordswood, Kent on the 2nd July 2011. The activtities will  kick the day off with a crowd warm up at 12.30pm and then back again for more fun at 2.30pm.

There will be lots of fun for ALL the family! Come along and join us and support the have a heart appeal for Kent’s children’s hospices.

To find out more please email terese@fitkid.co.uk



LazyTown, LazyTown, LazyTown..

Mandy has just sent me this great photo of her having fun with Children at a school in Renfrewshire to assist with raising Funds for Chest Heart Stroke Scotland. During the lunchbreak, all Mandy could hear were the children shouting LazyTown, LazyTown, LazyTown in the playground.

Sencio Leisure starts LazyTown Sports Club Sessions in Kent


LazyTown Sports Club go to Sencio Leisure in Sevenoaks this easter holidays, Louie and Harry are going along to be Tereses helpers for the day and they are all dressed up and ready to go go go. To find out about classes, please email terese@fitkid.co.uk

Talking when being Silent for #ComicRelief does mean Penalties have to be paid…

Simon is finding out that raising money for a great charity whilst being silent is not actually the easiest thing in the World!

He is now in to the fourth hour of the 12 hour challenge and the penalty charge of star jumps for speaking is starting to hurt a little.

In true FitKid spirit, the penalty for speaking is exercise. So, he gets to raise money while keeping quiet and exercising.

Every time he says something he has to do 10 additional star jump on top of the 10 he had to do the first time he spoke!

He is now up to 50 star jumps the next time he speaks.

That could become hard work by 7pm when he can stop and enjoy the show. We may have to impose financial penalties to make his life easier.


Lots going on for Comic Relief Tomorrow – Sponsor the Team and their Activities

Taking up the Charity mantel again after Children in Need

Well after Children in Need last year, we thought we had better get involved for proper in this year’s Comic Relief effort.

Having participated in Sport Relief and Children in Need, this is the next natural fit for us as we all need a laugh sometimes.

Members of the FitKid team will be participating in numerous activities for Comic Relief from bouncing around on spacehoppers all day to keeping quiet!

The latter of which involves Simon going up against the Chris Moyles Radio Show by trying to keep quiet for Comic Relief.

He says, “There comes a time when not talking can be a good thing too you know, especially if it helps some less well off individuals and families across the World.”

Furthermore he makes the point, “If you cannot be bothered to donate money to me that is fine, but do me a favour and donate to Chris. He is doing pretty well after all and that is only £1. I will do this for 12 hours. £1 an hour would be nice!”

Personal congratulations go to all our Team who are participating tomorrow and we will post updates on the Blog in due course.

Finally, and most importantly if you wish to donate to our team and the activities they are undertaking, please go to  http://my.rednoseday.com/FitKidLtd

LazyTown joins forces with the Department of Health

Chance for life Campaign.

Today it has been announced in the media that LazyTown are to join forces with the Department of Health to encourage children to move more and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Health Secretar, Andrew Lansley has sought inspiration from the show as part of a new phase of the government’s Change4Life healthy living campaign and Responsibility Deal with the food and drink industries, which is being unveiled on Tuesday.

This is very exciting news and will assist us to help more children get moving and having fun at The LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid.

To find out more about running the LazyTown Sports Club in your community, please email me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk for more details.

LazyTown Sports Club fans connect with Billy Bear at Butlins


The LazyTown Live Energy Show debuts at Butlins Bognor Regis tonight.

Some fans of the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid will be present and making sure Robbie Rotten behaves…

Make sure you find out about your nearest LazyTown Sports Club and Fitkid classes by reviewing the blog and website at http://www.Fitkid.co.uk