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Pudsey visits Bournemouth

It was such a pleasure to have Pudsey to stay last weekend.

We picked him up from Southampton on Friday evening and head straigh to Bournemouth Station where Pudsey got a tour of the Cross Country train before it headed back to birmingham. He was able to look in the cab and enjoyed sitting at a table with Ellie, lauren and Daniel who attend FitKid.

On Saturday  he came with us to Bournemouth and met many of his fans and joined in a FitKid workout.

It was lots of fun and great to have Pudsey with us for the weekend.

On sunday we returned Pudsey to Southampton and my daughters were very sad to say Bye Bye to him. However we are off to seeiung him on Friday to hand over our fundraising.

A great fun wekend for all and a great opportuntity to raise funds for a very worth while cause.

Fund out more about our activities at www.fitkid.co.uk


Children in Need, here we come :-)

Pudsey, Pudsey, Pudsey

I’m so excited, it’s nearly time to say hello to Pudsey again, oh yes the FitKid team are ready for all the fundraising efforts and we are looking forward to helping Pudsey raise lots of money for a fantastic cause.

Look out for more developments about what the FitKid team along with Pudsey will be doing to raise funds.

If you would like to get involved, please email us at enquiries@fitkid.co.uk for more details, Pudsey needs your help 🙂

Ad Astra First School raises over £400 for Children in Need. A privilege to have been involved with Pudsey


This is potentially the last announcement re our associated Children in Need 2010 activities but it might not be…

Any announcement that shows help for this great charity deserves to be announced

Well done to all the children, staff, and parents associated with Ad Astra and we know you enjoyed your visit from Pudsey and the Lazytown Sports Club team

Yes, we helped raise yet another £250 for Children in Need! We have now officially lost count. Isn’t it great?

The numbers keep on coming in for our LazyTown Sports Club, “Learn a SuperHero Move” for Children in Need charitable initiative.

Yes, we have another £250 confirmed by Children in Need from the buckets we took around the Poole and Bournemouth Area recently.

As per the headline, we have now officially lost count of the total, which may not appear that professional, but who cares.

It is more money for a fantastic cause. In fact, many causes.

We are now looking to connect with other charities in 2011, along with Children in Need.

So, if you are a children’s charity and want to contact us to potentially engage the FitKid team which powers the LazyTown Sports Club concept, why not drop us a line with your ideas.

Also, just think how much we could get with more franchisees on the ground. Do you want to join our growing team? If you do, click the photo for more information.

Thought for the day. Nothing better in life than seeing happy children enjoying themselves whilst getting active. Especially for charity…

During the course of the last week, we all at FitKid had moments of reflection during our LazyTown Sports Club, “Learn a SuperHero Move” for Children in Need initiative.

There is nothing better in life than seeing happy children, enjoying themselves whilst getting active as the headline of this post says.

However, what makes this extra special is the fact that these children were being educated about why they were doing it and that is was helping others.

We all have moments of reflection in life and the whole project has given us a real buzz which we have seen brighten up many children’s faces.

Being able to integrate the full Pudsey, Sportacus, Stephanie, and the LazyTown Sports Club experience to this in an active way has been hugely energizing.

I would urge anyone who has never fully engaged in a real Children in Need initiative to do it next year. The feeling of helping others whilst being active with kids and their carers has been immense and we look forward to doing more for the charity in the future.

A Massive Thanks to everyone involved in our “Learn A SuperHero Move” for Children in Need initiative

Well a week has past and we wanted to thank everyone for their hard work during our “Learn a SuperHero Move” for Children in Need week

Not only the kids, parents, teachers, and leisure co-ordinators, but those who also joined in learning a Move…

….That includes the elderly Gentleman in the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole.

Pudsey, Sportacus, and Stephanie are very proud of all of you who joined in and contributed. as am I and the whole FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club Team.



Beaconhurst school raised £590. Mandy and Pudsey went along to see the Children today to thank them

Pudsey along with Mandy from the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid, continue on their Scotland Tour

Learn a Superhero Move by the LazyTown Sports Club has been a fantactic initiative over the last few days and it will continue this week

If you want to have the LazyTown experience in your school, please contact Mandy for more details.

Children in Need is an amazing cause and connecting the LazyTown Sports Club initiative to it has been a great success

Everyone who helps raise funds for this great charity, should give themselves a great big pat on the back

Mandy and Pudsey move on in Scotland and get more kids moving with the LazyTown Sports Club

What a marathon Mandy and Pudsey are on this week

Well done Newton Primary!

You raised £500 for Children in Need. A fantastic effort.

Keep up the efforts for Children in Need as the total keeps moving

Hey, Pudsey even managed to stand like Sportacus.

Very impressive.

Scotland Franchisee, Mandy and Pudsey keep our Children in Need work progressing today

As we said at the weekend, Pudsey is not just for Children in Need day, just like Pets are not just for Christmas…

Mandy, my great franchisee for LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid in Scotland is keeping the fund raising fun going this week.

She will be touring schools and nurseries in the Stirling area alerting them to the need of Children in their local area and the power of the LazyTown Sports Club message.

This is at Dunblane Pre School this morning 🙂

Queens Park Infants learned Lazytown Sports Club Superhero Moves and got to show Sportacus and Stephanie


Well done everyone

A great effort

Thanks for your support for Children in Need and the Lazytown Sports Club “Learn a Superhero Move” day