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Poole school secures funding for classes

Funding bid secured

I was very pleased to hear that Sylvan First School has secured funding of nearly £ 10,000 to provide health related activities for the children at the school.

These sessions will include both FitKid and The LazyTown Sports Club as Breakfast, after school and holiday activities.

It is fantastic to hear that children in the school will have access to further activities to improve their health. more details to follow of the activtities as they happen.

To find out how your School, Preschool, Leisure Centre or Children Centre could apply for funding to help deliver these activities, please email us at enquiries@fitkid.co.uk 

Lots going on for Comic Relief Tomorrow – Sponsor the Team and their Activities

Taking up the Charity mantel again after Children in Need

Well after Children in Need last year, we thought we had better get involved for proper in this year’s Comic Relief effort.

Having participated in Sport Relief and Children in Need, this is the next natural fit for us as we all need a laugh sometimes.

Members of the FitKid team will be participating in numerous activities for Comic Relief from bouncing around on spacehoppers all day to keeping quiet!

The latter of which involves Simon going up against the Chris Moyles Radio Show by trying to keep quiet for Comic Relief.

He says, “There comes a time when not talking can be a good thing too you know, especially if it helps some less well off individuals and families across the World.”

Furthermore he makes the point, “If you cannot be bothered to donate money to me that is fine, but do me a favour and donate to Chris. He is doing pretty well after all and that is only £1. I will do this for 12 hours. £1 an hour would be nice!”

Personal congratulations go to all our Team who are participating tomorrow and we will post updates on the Blog in due course.

Finally, and most importantly if you wish to donate to our team and the activities they are undertaking, please go to  http://my.rednoseday.com/FitKidLtd

Esporta Dorset gets active

It’s half term and it’s time for  FitKid classes at Esporta in Dorset.

The feedback from the FitKid classes at Esporta Dorset has been excellent, the children loved to see the instructor and count the FitKid classes to be one of the most exciting parts of the day.

Today the session will include Dodgeball, Monkey Football and the parachute, I am sure the instructor has as much fun as the children 🙂

To find out more about FitKid classes in Poole and Bournemouth, please email karen@fitkid.co.uk

Fantastic Endorsement for Karina in Shrewsbury. Well done from all the FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club Team

FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club - Shrewsbury

Great Endorsement for Karina…

I am excited to share with you a brilliant endorsement for our franchisee Karina who is continuing our good work in Shropshire.

“Karina has created a unique buzz of activity here at Minsterely Primary School; the FitKid and the LazyTown Sports Club sessions are lively, encouraging and fun. What I have witnessed is that Karina demonstrates in every session her commitment to getting children active.   She provides a positive environment for children to learn about the value of a healthy lifestyle which will improve their health for the future.   The sessions are always efficiently organised and managed; the children work hard and behave well.   We have had much spontaneous praise from parents saying how their child ‘loves’ Fitkid/Lazy Town Sports Club and how they look forward to their session each week.   Karina is running two after school sessions a week for us, one for Years 1 and 2 and one for Years 3 and 4.   I would highly recommend FitKid Shrewsbury and encourage other Schools to make contact with Karina.”

Please feel free to contact Karina for more information on classes, parties, and events in the Shrewsbury area.

Terese has Sevenoaks jumping up and down as she launches the 100% Official LazyTown Sports Club project in Kent

Merry Christmas Kent…

Congratulations to Terese who is now our next active Franchisee for the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid

It is so exciting to have someone in Kent now.

The reach of the project is continuing to grow and we will be announcing more signings before Christmas.

If you would like to engage with Terese in the Kent area and would love some fun fitness with the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid, please contact Terese.

Click the photograph above for more information on how to get in contact with Terese for Activities, Parties, and Events.

LazyTown Sports Club franchises for Scotland!

Sportacus and his little helpers want you!!!

Mandy Beer is amazing and is doing wonderfully well in Scotland as our first LazyTown Sports Club franchisee in Scotland!

Now Scotland… You want more Mandy’s and we know you are out there. Bottom line is, to back Mandy up, we want more Mandys!

We just want to say that we are delighted by the commitment and positive attitude Mandy has delivered to the development of the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid concept in Scotland.

Her success with leisure providers ranging from local leisure centres up to the Gleneagles Hotel is testament to her work and the growing interest in this project.

Do you want to get involved?

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved in Scotland.

If you want to see the advert, it will be in the next edition of Family Life Magazine. Summer Edition…click here: http://www.familylifemagazine.co.uk/dl/summer10/

Of course if you are not in Scotland, we want to hear from you also and your interest in the LazyTown Sports Club Project!

Thanks also to all of those businesses, parents, and of course children, who have engaged with this fantastic product to date.

If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to attend a class yet, keep up to date on new announcements and developments here on the Blog!

Get Fit with the Kids! Some Ideas for you….


I thought I would share some ideas with you for the remainder of the Summer….These are very broad brush but are games that can be played in different environments.

Games for this age group should focus on developing basic movements, such as running, balancing, jumping, kicking, throwing and catching as well as general aerobic fitness.

Try to introduce as many of these into your child’s weekly routine:

MUSICAL CIRCUITS: This game is similar to musical chairs and is suitable for three or more children. Spread hula hoops around the room and play music as the children move around the room. When the music stops, each child must enter a hoop and perform an exercise such as skipping, hopping, jogging or jumping.

PROGRESSIVE SKIPPING: Skipping is a low-impact aerobic activity that strengthens muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time.

Start with ordinary skipping then add the following actions one at a time to vary the intensity: high, low, medium, slow. If three or more children are playing, two should hold the rope while the other skips.

TAG TAIL: For two or more children. One child sticks a piece of ribbon in the back of their trouser waistband. The aim is for the opponent to grab the end of the ribbon within a certain time, say 30 seconds.

SWIMMING RELAYS: You need two teams of two or more swimmers. Place objects such as goggles and swimming hats on the far side of the pool and ask swimmers to retrieve them, put them on and swim back to the other side.

We have many more ideas for all age groups including the pre school children and if you want to get involved with us or our franchisees, drop us a line.

All the best and keep moving!

AND do the activities with your Kids! Brilliant family fun can be had with these and many more ideas. You can even develop many yourself also.