Consultancy to Brands

FitKid has assisted a variety of different brands to expand in to the physical activtiy and health arena, please see some of our case studies below.

Children in Need – 2010

FitKid assisted the BBC (Southern region) with opportunity for filming at a school in Poole. Pudsey was flown in by Helicopter and greeted by hundreds of very excited children who joined in a workout with a FitKid team member and Pudsey. FitKid also assisted on the live fundraising evening at Adventure Wonderland in Bournemouth with children performing workouts and an appearance from Sportacus* and Stephanie*

The LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid – 2 Year Project until June 2011

FitKid approched LazyTown regarding the idea of creating activity classes for children based on the TV Show LazyTown. We believed there was a natural synergy between the LazyTown Brand and FitKid in encouraging children to be more active while having fun. The classes were to assist LazyTown in it’s mission to “Move the World”

After discussions with LazyTown , the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid was evolved.

LazyTown is the only kids TV show dedicated to a positive health message and is broadcast in over 120 countries worldwide, of which the UK and Ireland are prominently featured. It is also one of the few children’s TV Shows with a 50/50 gender split, being an action show for Boys and a Dance show for Girls. Underpinned by two core characters, the SuperHero Sportacus and the new girl in town Stephanie, the show is a perfect blend of action and education, and is a tool for Parents to raise healthy kids.

LazyTown is on a mission to move the world to be a healthier place. When LazyTown get kids moving, they get their families moving. And when families move, we are all one step closer to moving the world. Move the body, move the mind, every day. This is so in tune with my personal perspective and why it means a lot to me as a positive health message.

It was a great project to work on and we are pleased so many children got active at the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid from July 2009 – June 2011.

Nick Junior – Mini Movers – Various Dates

FitKid consulted to Nick Juniors on the Mini Movers campaign, assisting with 3 different workouts, Press Days, Live Celebrity and Child photo shoot, Live competition Days and Information for website and media.

Nick Junior is a children’s TV channel airing programmes to include Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Humf and Bubble Guppies.

* Official Actors

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