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FitKid Grimsby is ready for the summer holidays

Summer holidays are on their way

It’s nearly that time of year again and Fitkid Grimsbyi s ready for the summer holidays, so don’t delay, book your sessions today.

Our holidays sessions will include fun games including team, tag, parachute, tandem space hopper relay games, olympic based relay games and craft activities.

FitKid Grimsby Holiday Clubs run from 9am-3pm for ONLY £11 per child per day

26 & 27 July and 1, 2, 7, 8, 14 August – British Legion Club, waltham

30 & 31 August – Scartho Infants School, Edge Avenue, Scartho

Come and join in the fun, contact for more details and to confirm your booking.


FitKid builds confidence and self-esteem

FitKid helps build children’s confidence and self- esteem

It’s tuesday evening and having just returned from the PTA meeting at my daughters school, I was excited to read an email from Adele, who is the FitKid franchisee in the Grimsby and surrounding area.

Adele wanted to share with me the feedback she had received from a parent of a child attending one of her FitKid sessions. Reading the feedback brought a massive smile to my face and I wanted to share it with you all 🙂

“FitKid welcome all children, Adele gives children individual attention building  their confidence and self- esteem.  If children are new Adele will pair them up so they feel included. Shaya keeps going back to FitKid as she has lots of fun and Adele offers new activities that take alot of thought and creativity. Shaya feels confident to try new activities and challenges herself more and more. The confidence, being part of team games and the new experiences that FitKid provides has been beneficial for Shaya even at School especially during P.E. and after school clubs” Nirvana Ghandour, Parent of Shaya

It’s comments like this that make all the hard work involved with running FitKid worthwhile. Seeing the excitement on the children’s faces when they attend classes is priceless and I hope over the coming months and years we can assist more children to develop positive attitudes to physical activity which is fun and rewarding.

To find out more about Adele’s activities, please email her at

If you would like to run FitKid in your community, please contact me at for more details.

FitKid teams up with Bumpeez to encourage more children to be active

What an excting start to 2012, FitKid has teamed up with popular collectable toy, Bumpeez during the Easter holidays to encourage more children to get active whilst having fun.

 FitKid will be holding Easter Workshops where children will receive a free pack of Bumpeez and be taught a range of exciting and interactive games to play.

The latest Health Survey for England (HSE) data has predicted that 25% of children will be obese by 2050. To combat this worrying statistic, FitKid aim’s to provide children with fun fitness activities to help improve their health and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Using fun play equipment including balls, bean bags, hoops, spacehoppers and a parachute, FitKid engages the children in multi skilled sessions that assist with developing the key skills for sport in addition to providing children with health benefits.

It’s fantastic to have teamed with Bumpeez to encourage more children to be active while having fun. Bumpeez are great to get children active and playing games with their friends which fits with the ethos of FitKid”

Priced at £1.99 a pack, Bumpeez are a fantastic pocket money purchase for parents and kids. There are over 100 characters to collect including special limited edition gold, silver and swirly Bumpeez.  Each Bumpee consists of two parts – a circular chip featuring a cool character, which is encased in a highly tactile, removable silicon ring that comes in a variety of different shapes and colours. When the chip is in the ring the Bumpee can be bounced against walls and used to play more than 25 games and perform tricks with the different shaped rings requiring a varying degree of skill to bounce.

“This is a great marketing initiative, which will increase awareness of the Bumpeez brand at a key retail period,” comments Jeroen Menting, Managing Director, Glow Europe. “Partnering with FitKid will highlight the active nature of Bumpeez as well as encouraging more children to interact with Bumpeez through fun and engaging activities.”

To find out more about attending our workshops or to offer FitKid in your community, please email or call 0203012 0202

FitKid launch Online Physical Activity Participation Cash Reward Scheme to assist Schools and Nurseries to encourage children to be more active

Let’s get these kiddies active 🙂

Im really excited to announce FitKid’s new partnership with Gym Miles to launch a NEW Children’s physical activity participation online programme which will assist schools and nurseries to track the participation levels of children in and out of the curriculum. It will also reward families using the scheme with Cash Rewards.

Schools are able to sign up for the scheme with FitKid and will be able to upload the participation of the Children’s in PE sessions at school. In addition the child’s carers will be able to upload the child’s out of school activities which will reward the child with points. The child’s carers can redeem points online with over 200 retailers and the parent and school receive cash rewards in return for the points redeemed.

It’s so very excited to be joining forces with Gym Miles to launch the New FitKid Cash rewards participation scheme. For many years now schools have been telling FitKid that lots of out of school participation data  goes unrecorded but our new scheme will assist to capture this data and also reward parents with cash rewards for using the scheme.

“We are delighted to be partnering with FitKid to launch this programme which I believe is a welcome innovation in the drive to encourage and measure physical activity in the young to”  commented Niall Jordan from Gym Miles.

The scheme will enable schools and nurseries to also look at statistics on participation in and out of school for each child, download resources including games, certificates, work sheets etc. It is a very simple scheme to use and FitKid believe it is a break through in the tracking of data for all.

For more info on how your school can sign up, please email  or visit the website at


Great PE co-ordinator review

 Adele receives fantastic feedback

A great session was run by Adele for a recent  Fun Fitness Week.

The children and staff had a super time and really enjoyed the activities delivered by Adele.  

Joanna Perry, P.E Co-Ordinator stated “It is only through support from people like yourself that we are able to offer the children such a varied range of activities during this annual event and your time and input is greatly appreciated.

To find out more about Adele’s sessions and parties, please email



FitKid new classes coming soon

Updates …………

FitKid has recently trialled a new exciting class that will be announced very soon.

I have no doubt the kids are going to love the sessions having seen the footage from the trial classes and the big smiles on the children’s faces.

To find out more about becoming a FitKid franchisee, please email

Adele’s sessions help Boe win all her Sports day races

Boe loves The LazyTown Sports Club classes delivered by Adele in NE Lincolnshire

It was lovely to hear from Adele today who had received the following email from one of the parents who attends her LazyTown Sports club classes with her daughter.

“My daughter, Boe age 3, has been attending Lazy Town Sports Club classes every Saturday morning after enjoying the ‘Lazy Town’ celebration I booked for her 3rd birthday. Boe has made lots of new friends and really enjoys all of the varied and enjoyable activities which are accompanied by the exciting Lazy Town music.

Boe’s confidence has grown each week and I have seen an improvement in her balance, co-ordination and ability to play/share with other children. Boe’s Kindergarten teacher has also commented about Boe’s advanced sporting abilities compared to the other children in her class and explained how Boe helps to teach her class mates how to play the games and use equipment that she has learnt with Adele. Boe has even come first in all of the activities in her recent Sports Day which I believe was helped by the extra activities that she does with Adele every week. “Ria McKeon

Keep up the great work Adele, high quality sessions are the key to successs in helping children lead an active lifestyle. I just knew when Adele came onboard with FitKid as our franchisee in Lincolnshire that she was going to make positive changes to children’s lives.

Our job is so rewarding and worth all the time and effort put in to ensure the children attend sesisons which are both beneficial to their health but also fun and engaging.

If you are a passionate individual who like Adele wants to make positive changes to children’s lives, please email to find out how you can get involved in your community.