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Just too much sugar…………

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar ………..

I was shocked to read the following “Americans ate less than 20 pounds of refined sugar per person per year in the early 1900’s, but by now that figure has reached over 200 pounds of sugar and artificial sweeteners”

Many I am sure will ask but how can this be possible, well I have no doubt this is possible when you actually study what is in an item you are about to put into your mouth.

I try to make our own cakes and biscuits with my children to give them an understanding  of what goes in to the item they are eating but Istrongly  believe it is time the food companies took responsibility and made changes to their products to protect the health of the nation.

Why not check out what is in your next food item and if you do’t like the findings, search out a better product. Its not about saying No to items with sugar in, its about making changes for the better 🙂