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Funny and Frustrating. How can so many people get it wrong when they are supposed to be helping get it right. Kids Health. Please discuss.

Well it has been a while since I have posted a “Funny and Frustrating” part to my Blog so now is the time to bring it back as requested….And for the start of 2011 one which will really get you talking I am sure…

Over the years I have witnessed many people and organisations trying to get children moving more in an integrated way.

However, why is it that these people are often the most inexperienced people on the planet!

Often also the ones who are unfit themselves or more significantly have never actually got down and had fun integrating with kids in a fun fitness environment.

It is a well known adage that you have to teach what you preach or indeed know what you sell.

It is therefore both Funny and Frustrating that this strange phenomena continues to this day. Why is that?

If anyone can enlighten me on this, please feel free to comment on this Blog post and point me in the right direction of a stakeholder group that really has influence whilst engaging fully themselves.


Obesity Rates amongst Kids UP or down…Who knows?

Funny and Frustrating…..Conflicting reports always tend to amuse me and frustrate me. Who is right. Any takers to give their opinion?

Opinion 1:

Child obesity shows new signs of decline…..

The rate of obesity in children under ten is showing signs of levelling off and could even be in decline, according to a report by the DCSF


Opinion 2:

Recent research has indicated that children’s fitness levels in the UK are falling faster than anywhere else in the world. Global fitness levels in the past decade have fallen on average 4%; however, shocking statistics reveal the figure for the UK is 8%.

In a running test, the average 1998 10 year old would beat 95% of their peers today.

Opinion 3 – MINE:

The best thing to do, no matter what the figures are and who supplies them is just keep active through engaging in fun activities as a family that keep your heart rate moving. Engage with those kids mum and dad.. J