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As every parent knows (including me), a key to a happy future is a healthy one, so as well as working on the overall FitKid projectm which is so close to my heart, I have also over recent years assisted leading preschool TV channel Nick Jr develop its Mini Movers workout, the first ever daily ‘toddlaerobic’ exercise routine to encourage parents with under fives to get active to increase their fitness while improving their development including bone growth, muscle tone, co-ordination and attention skills in a fun way.

With the government forecasting that a quarter of all children will be obese by the year 2050, the importance of regular physical activity in childhood can’t be ignored and instilling healthy habits at a young age is one way of tackling this.

Activity at a young age also aids children’s physical development by improving their motor skills.  Divided into two main areas, gross and fine motor skills, these are the building blocks for physical and mental success in future life.  Gross motor skills include muscle tone, strength and range of movement and usually involve using the entire body or several parts at one time, while fine motor skills refer to more intricate capabilities, including visual skills, eye-hand co-ordination and attention skills.

I know for a fact that guidelines show that a preschooler should be physically active for at least an hour a day – whether that’s playing in the park or participating in an organised fitness activity. The health and developmental benefits of getting active at an early age are immense.

However I understand that finding time to get active with your kids may not be as easy as many would think. So what I want to try and achieve in this section is to deliver some small regular snippets of fun for mums and dads so you can get active with your kids. I want to show through brief games how easy it can be to incorporate activity into a family’s daily routine. I hope that through short sharp bursts of information and ideas that I can help to motivate families to increase their activity levels, making exercise fun for all and a habit for life. At a young age FUN is what is is all about! Fun Fitness for a Healthier Future.

When kids have regular exercise and acquire basic movement skills in their preschool years, it increases the chances that they’ll continue to be physically active as they grow up. As well as encouraging a healthy lifestyle, research has shown that children who are physically active are more likely to have a higher academic performance.

Parents play important role models in getting children active and I want to be able to assist more of you to do that. We are all busy and if we can work together to be creative and fun, we will all enjoy the quality time we have with our children engaging in fun fitness activities.

Creativity is King in the Fun Fitness World and FitKid are leaders in the field of creativity!

With your help I hope we can continue this drive through social media and interaction with ideas and more importantly participation from all over the World.

More soon…..

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