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FitKid prepares for International Expansion

International here we come ……………

FitKid is in the final stages of speaking with new partners to enable our franchise opportunity to be run in different locations in the world.

We have substantial interest from companies and individuals who wish to run our franchise operation in their communities and it is personally exciting to help children world wide be active in a fun FitKid physical activity session.

Watch this space for more details and if you are interested in running the franchise, please do make contact with me to discuss further. My email is nicky@fitkid.co.uk

On the road again…….

I’m starting to think I am putting in too many miles on the road at the moment, after last weeks many miles, today I was back on the road to Camberley in Surrey to visit Arena Leisure Centre managed by DC Leisure where they run the LazyTown Sports Club.

Even though it meant more time in the car, It was great to spend time with the team members at Arena, reviewing their sessions, update them and also assisting them with queries and helpful tips for classes.

Having over 20 years experience teaching kids, I just love to help instructors with hints and tips to make their sessions even better so the kids want to come back to the classes week after week which is very important.

My belief is that you have to put time and effort if you want it to be successful in the long term and that is what I ensure I do at FitKid. My passion and dedication to helping children lead a healthy lifestyle by being active in a fun environment,  I believe is the key to how I have managed to grow and develop FitKid to where it is today. I am very much looking forward to our future developments in the days, months and years to come 🙂

As a wife to Simon and mum to Ellie and Lauren and MD of FitKid, my life is very busy but honestly I would never have it any other way.

FitKid UK Blog comes 9th in the Top 50 Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

Medical Assistant Colleges name us in their Top 50!!

Well, it seems to be a day of exciting news here at FitKid today….

Hot on the heels of our earlier announcement, we can inform you all that our Blog, within its first year, has won a place in the Top 50 Blogs for understanding and looking to prevent Childhood Obesity.

This is a great honour for FitKid and the fact that we cruised in at Number 9 is fantastic news

Both we, our partners, and our franchisees, will keep up the work of the last year well in to 2011 and beyond and we hope you will all keep following and blogging about ourwork

We intend to keep you informed of not only creative ideas and fun initiatives but of the work of all our partners as they progress further

If you would like to get moving with the FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club initiatives in your Area, please click on the photo and follow the links to our current live franchisees.

We have also recently been tapped up for further interviews on Radio and Television and visibility for our work will hopefully continue in to 2011 and beyond

A Massive Thanks to everyone involved in our “Learn A SuperHero Move” for Children in Need initiative

Well a week has past and we wanted to thank everyone for their hard work during our “Learn a SuperHero Move” for Children in Need week

Not only the kids, parents, teachers, and leisure co-ordinators, but those who also joined in learning a Move…

….That includes the elderly Gentleman in the Dolphin Shopping Centre in Poole.

Pudsey, Sportacus, and Stephanie are very proud of all of you who joined in and contributed. as am I and the whole FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club Team.



Magnus Scheving launches Go step Go

Did you see BBC Breakfast this morning as Magnus and Julianna were on the BBC Breakfast show this morning talking about the new LazyTown single – Go step Go.

The single is to assit LazyTown in their mission to move the world and I was excited to see another initative that will be very beneficial to children. The single links into the use of a pedometer.

Now how can I get my hands on one of those pedometers as I want to join in with the fun the children will have using them.

FitKid is assisting LazyTown on it’s mission to move the world by rolling out The LazyTown Sports Club, if you are passionate about helping children lead an active lifestyle, please email me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk

Get Fit with the Kids! Some Ideas for you….


I thought I would share some ideas with you for the remainder of the Summer….These are very broad brush but are games that can be played in different environments.

Games for this age group should focus on developing basic movements, such as running, balancing, jumping, kicking, throwing and catching as well as general aerobic fitness.

Try to introduce as many of these into your child’s weekly routine:

MUSICAL CIRCUITS: This game is similar to musical chairs and is suitable for three or more children. Spread hula hoops around the room and play music as the children move around the room. When the music stops, each child must enter a hoop and perform an exercise such as skipping, hopping, jogging or jumping.

PROGRESSIVE SKIPPING: Skipping is a low-impact aerobic activity that strengthens muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time.

Start with ordinary skipping then add the following actions one at a time to vary the intensity: high, low, medium, slow. If three or more children are playing, two should hold the rope while the other skips.

TAG TAIL: For two or more children. One child sticks a piece of ribbon in the back of their trouser waistband. The aim is for the opponent to grab the end of the ribbon within a certain time, say 30 seconds.

SWIMMING RELAYS: You need two teams of two or more swimmers. Place objects such as goggles and swimming hats on the far side of the pool and ask swimmers to retrieve them, put them on and swim back to the other side.

We have many more ideas for all age groups including the pre school children and if you want to get involved with us or our franchisees, drop us a line.

All the best and keep moving!

AND do the activities with your Kids! Brilliant family fun can be had with these and many more ideas. You can even develop many yourself also.

LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid – More Info…

Many of you have been asking me for more details on the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid concept….. So to make this easier I thought I would give you links to all the developing resources of information….

So what is new…?

1 – Find out more about the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid franchise opportunity & what it is all about on our You Tube Channel and see me! This is being populated on an ongoing basis…http://www.youtube.com/user/FitKidUK

2 – You can see my tweets around this Blog but if you want to follow me, I can be reached here https://twitter.com/FitKidUK and if you want to follow the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid that is available via https://twitter.com/lazytownscfk

3 – Fan pages are also on Facebook. The relevant fan page connections are

FitKid  http://www.facebook.com/pages/FitKid-UK/331534375726

LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid http://www.facebook.com/pages/LazyTown-Sports-Club-powered-by-FitKid/108294225605

Bear with me as this is all comes together. Through all of the above you will begin to get a better understanding of who I am, what I do, and why I am so passionate about what I do.

I want to evolve these projects so if you want to get involved at any level, please email me via enquiries@fitkid.co.uk