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Come and join in the fun at the Official Scottish National Motorshow this weekend

LazyTown Sports Club will be appearing on Sunday at the Official Scottish National motorshow at Knockhill from 12pm performing a free class to entertain the children attending the event…Knockhill’s Stig may even join in! To find out more contact Mandy@fitkid.co.uk or call 08445 605451

Sportacus* and LazyTown Sports Club to open Bournemouth Family Festival 2011

FitKid are pleased to announce that the LazyTown Sports Club and Sportacus* will open Bournemouth Family Festival 2011. The event is being held on Thursday 28th July, at Meyrick Park. All the team are really excited, to be part of the event and have Sportacus* to the Poole and Bournemouth franchise, so children can come and show him all the moves they have learnt in the LazyTown Sports Club. The Poole and Bournemouth team have been working with all the Sure Start children centres in Bournemouth, to develop fundamentals of movement through the LazyTown Sports Club, so are looking forward to these children attending and meeting their superhero!

The Family Festival is a great day out for families in the local area, with loads of free activities to enjoy. For more information please visit http://www.bournemouth.gov.uk/ChildrenEducation/InformationforParentsCarers/EarlyYears/BournemouthFamilyFestival.aspx or alternatively contact FitKid on 08700 85 1000 or enquiries@fitkid.co.uk

*Offical Actor approved by LazyTown

Handstand on the trolley in Ikea !!!!

Our LazyTown Sports Club master Trainer, Dyri Kristjansson has been practising his moves again while out and about, last time it was his powerjump in his work suit and as I am sure you will all remember, I commented that it was a good job he didnt rip his trousers ūüėȬ†

Well look at this picture of him doing a handstand on his trolley in Ikea.  I won’t disclose which country he was in when he visited the Ikea but it is fair to say the Health and Safety Regulations in this location are not to the same level as in the UK. I wonder if he would have been told to leave the Ikea store if he did this in the UK J

Everytime he visits, my daughters think of a new challenge for him, the latest is ¬†very interesting, I will let you know how he gets on after his next visit ūüôā

Let me know what move you would like to see Dyri do next and I will see if he is up for the challenge.

Comic Relief fun with Karina in Shrewsbury

Karina is going to get kids moving for Comic relief¬† ūüôā

Karina has decided to do something funny to raise funds for Red Nose Day. Her plan is to bring the fun of  The LazyTown Sports Club to as many children as possible in her home town of Shrewsbury.

She hopes to make a record in the area for getting a thousand kids active in one day. The 15 minute LazyTown Sports Club Session will be brought free of charge to Primary School’s in her area along with the energy, music, movement and go go go from the LazyTown TV series.

Please sponsor her to help get kids active and in turn make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people across the UK and Africa. Thank you.  http://my.rednoseday.com/FitKidShrewsbury?SID=158810&Lang=en-CA

 To book Karina to come to your school or nursery, please contact her at karina@fitkid.co.uk

Funny and Frustrating. How can so many people get it wrong when they are supposed to be helping get it right. Kids Health. Please discuss.

Well it has been a while since I have posted a “Funny and Frustrating” part to my Blog so now is the time to bring it back as requested….And for the start of 2011 one which will really get you talking I am sure…

Over the years I have witnessed many people and organisations trying to get children moving more in an integrated way.

However, why is it that these people are often the most inexperienced people on the planet!

Often also the ones who are unfit themselves or more significantly have never actually got down and had fun integrating with kids in a fun fitness environment.

It is a well known adage that you have to teach what you preach or indeed know what you sell.

It is therefore both Funny and Frustrating that this strange phenomena continues to this day. Why is that?

If anyone can enlighten me on this, please feel free to comment on this Blog post and point me in the right direction of a stakeholder group that really has influence whilst engaging fully themselves.


Get Fit with the Kids! Some Ideas for you….


I thought I would share some ideas with you for the remainder of the Summer….These are very broad brush but are games that can be played in different environments.

Games for this age group should focus on developing basic movements, such as running, balancing, jumping, kicking, throwing and catching as well as general aerobic fitness.

Try to introduce as many of these into your child’s weekly routine:

MUSICAL CIRCUITS: This game is similar to musical chairs and is suitable for three or more children. Spread hula hoops around the room and play music as the children move around the room. When the music stops, each child must enter a hoop and perform an exercise such as skipping, hopping, jogging or jumping.

PROGRESSIVE SKIPPING: Skipping is a low-impact aerobic activity that strengthens muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time.

Start with ordinary skipping then add the following actions one at a time to vary the intensity: high, low, medium, slow. If three or more children are playing, two should hold the rope while the other skips.

TAG TAIL: For two or more children. One child sticks a piece of ribbon in the back of their trouser waistband. The aim is for the opponent to grab the end of the ribbon within a certain time, say 30 seconds.

SWIMMING RELAYS: You need two teams of two or more swimmers. Place objects such as goggles and swimming hats on the far side of the pool and ask swimmers to retrieve them, put them on and swim back to the other side.

We have many more ideas for all age groups including the pre school children and if you want to get involved with us or our franchisees, drop us a line.

All the best and keep moving!

AND do the activities with your Kids! Brilliant family fun can be had with these and many more ideas. You can even develop many yourself also.

Sportacus* from LazyTown comes to Bournemouth

Big Bear Events team up with FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club!

FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club - Poole

I am very excited that it is now not long until our fun day in Bournemouth. On sunday 13th June 2010 we are working with Big bear Events to offer a children’s fun day in Bournemouth this is to assist us to encourage more children to be active and have fun moving.

Last years event was very successful and I am so pleased to be returning to Bournemouth again this year. We will be including activities from the local community including children who have been attending The NEW LazyTown Sports Club sessions. There will also be the opportuntiy to interactive with Sportacus* from LazyTown and show him the moves you have learnt with The LazyTown Sports Club Team before he arrives.

It is a free event, opening the activities to all, so please come along and get active with us. I am looking forward to seeing lots of Mini Sportacus’ and Stephanie’s, please let the sun shine on sunday.