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Sports Day fun in Poole

Rain, Rain go away

This morning I was due to do the warm up at my daughter’s school sport day but sadly the rain has stopped the event.

The children were all very sad that they had to change back to their school uniform and head off for a full day of school rather than a fun morning of sporting fun with a picnic lunch and an early hometime.

Have you attended your child’s sports day recently ? Please tell me about it, was it fun, what did they do and how proud were you to see your child participate.

Fingers crossed for a dry day for the rescheduled sports day next week.




FitKid fun in Poole over Easter

Fantastic feedback from the FitKid Easter workshops in Poole

I’m sat at my desk thinking back over the last two weeks and feeling that lovely warm feeling inside me that a fantastic job has been done by the team at Fitkid in Poole.

The Easter holidays proved to be very exciting in Poole with many FitKid workshops being delivered to keep the children active and healthy over the school holidays.

Children participated in lots of different fun sporting activities including the NEW Tandeem spacehoppers which were very popular.

They also enjoyed Easter craft and the results were fantastic.

Craig who has just started working for the team quoted “I’m really enjoying working with FitKid it’s so much fun for all”

Due to FitKid’s partnership with Bumpeez, all children attending received a free packet of Bumpeez and it certainly was Bumpeez mayhem as they were all playing games with them and swapping to add to their collections.

I even managed to get out of the office myself and run a couple of the workshops, you can not put a value on seeing the kids big smiles and hearing them all happily giggling.

If you fancy joining the FitKid team and having fun working, please contact us on 023 0120202 for more details or email

FitKid teams up with Bumpeez to encourage more children to be active

What an excting start to 2012, FitKid has teamed up with popular collectable toy, Bumpeez during the Easter holidays to encourage more children to get active whilst having fun.

 FitKid will be holding Easter Workshops where children will receive a free pack of Bumpeez and be taught a range of exciting and interactive games to play.

The latest Health Survey for England (HSE) data has predicted that 25% of children will be obese by 2050. To combat this worrying statistic, FitKid aim’s to provide children with fun fitness activities to help improve their health and encourage them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Using fun play equipment including balls, bean bags, hoops, spacehoppers and a parachute, FitKid engages the children in multi skilled sessions that assist with developing the key skills for sport in addition to providing children with health benefits.

It’s fantastic to have teamed with Bumpeez to encourage more children to be active while having fun. Bumpeez are great to get children active and playing games with their friends which fits with the ethos of FitKid”

Priced at £1.99 a pack, Bumpeez are a fantastic pocket money purchase for parents and kids. There are over 100 characters to collect including special limited edition gold, silver and swirly Bumpeez.  Each Bumpee consists of two parts – a circular chip featuring a cool character, which is encased in a highly tactile, removable silicon ring that comes in a variety of different shapes and colours. When the chip is in the ring the Bumpee can be bounced against walls and used to play more than 25 games and perform tricks with the different shaped rings requiring a varying degree of skill to bounce.

“This is a great marketing initiative, which will increase awareness of the Bumpeez brand at a key retail period,” comments Jeroen Menting, Managing Director, Glow Europe. “Partnering with FitKid will highlight the active nature of Bumpeez as well as encouraging more children to interact with Bumpeez through fun and engaging activities.”

To find out more about attending our workshops or to offer FitKid in your community, please email or call 0203012 0202

World Thinking Day Celebrated in Poole

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers celebrate “World Thinking Day” in Poole, Dorset.

I had such a lovely day on Saturday running FitKid sessions for over 150 Rainbows and Brownies and my colleague Maggie ran FitKid for the Guides and Rangers.

We played many fun games and lots of smiles and giggles were shared during the sessions along with lots of high pitch screaming from the younger girls as they got in to the full flow of the games.

It was lovely to see so many smiling and happy faces 🙂 A pleasure to teach these lovely girls and young ladies.

Edward commits to 100 hours of FitKid

What an achievement, Edward Burden who attend’s Longfleet School in Poole, Dorset has now achieved his 100 hours certificate of participation at FitKid classes. Edward who is 10 and has been attending FitKid for the last 5 years was very excited to achieve the award.

FitKid is a fun fitness class for children and encourages them to get active while having fun using their muscles and bones at the same time as learning important key skills for sport.

Edward commented “ I started FitKid when I was 5 years old in reception and still enjoy attending the weekly sessions. The games we play are really fun. The game I enjoy most is ‘River Bank’, where you either jump forward or backward on command over a line. Some of the other games we play are ‘Dodge Ball’, Sharks & Life Guards’ and ‘Domes & Dishes’. When we play the games, we either run, walk, skip, jump, hop etc. All of this stretches our muscles and can be very exhausting. During each session all the exercise gives me a happy feeling. If I have had a busy day at school going to FitKid makes me feel relaxed.  I think Fit Kid is a really good club and all the children that decide to do it will really enjoy it. I am not looking forward to when I have to give it up when I move up to Secondary School.

I personally was very excited to hear Jo had rewarded Edward with his  100 hour Certificate and badge. “It’s such a fantastic commitment by Edward, he has dedicated an hour after school for 100 weeks to achieve the award. He is an inspiration to other children and many now can’t wait to achieve the same award”.

FitKid is keen to help more children get active, so if we can help you, please do make contact. Email or call 08700 85 1000

Pudsey visits Bournemouth

It was such a pleasure to have Pudsey to stay last weekend.

We picked him up from Southampton on Friday evening and head straigh to Bournemouth Station where Pudsey got a tour of the Cross Country train before it headed back to birmingham. He was able to look in the cab and enjoyed sitting at a table with Ellie, lauren and Daniel who attend FitKid.

On Saturday  he came with us to Bournemouth and met many of his fans and joined in a FitKid workout.

It was lots of fun and great to have Pudsey with us for the weekend.

On sunday we returned Pudsey to Southampton and my daughters were very sad to say Bye Bye to him. However we are off to seeiung him on Friday to hand over our fundraising.

A great fun wekend for all and a great opportuntity to raise funds for a very worth while cause.

Fund out more about our activities at


FitKid launch Online Physical Activity Participation Cash Reward Scheme to assist Schools and Nurseries to encourage children to be more active

Let’s get these kiddies active 🙂

Im really excited to announce FitKid’s new partnership with Gym Miles to launch a NEW Children’s physical activity participation online programme which will assist schools and nurseries to track the participation levels of children in and out of the curriculum. It will also reward families using the scheme with Cash Rewards.

Schools are able to sign up for the scheme with FitKid and will be able to upload the participation of the Children’s in PE sessions at school. In addition the child’s carers will be able to upload the child’s out of school activities which will reward the child with points. The child’s carers can redeem points online with over 200 retailers and the parent and school receive cash rewards in return for the points redeemed.

It’s so very excited to be joining forces with Gym Miles to launch the New FitKid Cash rewards participation scheme. For many years now schools have been telling FitKid that lots of out of school participation data  goes unrecorded but our new scheme will assist to capture this data and also reward parents with cash rewards for using the scheme.

“We are delighted to be partnering with FitKid to launch this programme which I believe is a welcome innovation in the drive to encourage and measure physical activity in the young to”  commented Niall Jordan from Gym Miles.

The scheme will enable schools and nurseries to also look at statistics on participation in and out of school for each child, download resources including games, certificates, work sheets etc. It is a very simple scheme to use and FitKid believe it is a break through in the tracking of data for all.

For more info on how your school can sign up, please email  or visit the website at