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FitKid launch Online Physical Activity Participation Cash Reward Scheme to assist Schools and Nurseries to encourage children to be more active

Let’s get these kiddies active ūüôā

Im really excited to¬†announce¬†FitKid’s new partnership with Gym Miles to launch a NEW Children‚Äôs physical activity participation online programme which will assist schools and nurseries to track the participation levels of children in and out of the curriculum. It will also reward families using the scheme with Cash Rewards.

Schools are able to sign up for the scheme with FitKid and will be able to upload the participation of the Children’s in PE sessions at school. In addition the child’s carers will be able to upload the child’s out of school activities which will reward the child with points. The child’s carers can redeem points online with over 200 retailers and the parent and school receive cash rewards in return for the points redeemed.

It’s so very excited to be joining forces with Gym Miles to launch the New FitKid Cash rewards participation scheme. For many years now schools have been telling FitKid that lots of out of school participation data¬† goes unrecorded but our new scheme will assist to capture this data and also reward parents with cash rewards for using the scheme.

“We are delighted to be partnering with FitKid to launch this programme which I believe is a welcome innovation in the drive to encourage and measure physical activity in the young to”¬† commented Niall Jordan from Gym Miles.

The scheme will enable schools and nurseries to also look at statistics on participation in and out of school for each child, download resources including games, certificates, work sheets etc. It is a very simple scheme to use and FitKid believe it is a break through in the tracking of data for all.

For more info on how your school can sign up, please email  or visit the website at



FitKid new classes coming soon

Updates …………

FitKid has recently trialled a new exciting class that will be announced very soon.

I have no doubt the¬†kids are going to love the sessions having seen the footage from the trial classes and the big smiles on the children’s faces.

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Karina receives fantastic feedback from little Jimmy

Jimmy loves Karina’s classes

Now this feedback Karina received brought tears to her eyes, its so wonderful to be able to help children to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Jimmy has been attending Karina’s nursery classes in Shropshire and his mum wrote the following to Karina –

I’d still love Jimmy to attend sessions with you if possible as he’s going to miss it desperately.¬† He looks forward to it every single week and it definitely gets him into nursery.¬† I don’t know how I’m going to break it to him that¬†your classes¬†will stop when he goes to school!!!¬† Please let me know if there’s anything he could join, thanks, Kath.

P.S. Thanks again for the ace party.¬† Below I’ve put some feedback.¬†

Jiimy tells me that he should eat 5 portions of veg a day and shows me a fist size for what he should eat.¬† You should eat this much brocolli and this much potatoes and this much meat…

He says eating sports candy gives you strong muscles, and then kisses them.

Water is good for you.¬† It’s the best drink.

Robbie Rotten is lazy because he doesn’t exercise.

I love brocolli and carrots.¬† They’re good for you.

I’m doing my exercises like Karina.¬† (Doing little bounces on all fours and fast sprints.)¬†

It goes on.¬† He’s absolutely hooked and you are his mantra!#keep up the great work Karina ūüôā

Karina assists with the fun at Shropshire Olympian Festival

Karina and the children have fun at Quarry Park

It was a fun filled day at Shrewsbury’s Quarry park in Shropshire when over a 1000 children attended the event. The quarry park was full of flags, banners and bunting as a major sporting and cultural event was recreated for the first time in nearly 150 years.

The county is celebrating its links with the modern olympics.

Karina ran a group Victorian PE drill for all participants after the event was opened.

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Come and have fun at Legoland Live

Legoland Live on the 16th July 2011

FitKid is preparing for a return to Legoland Live this year, come and join in the fun with our team and play lots of games.

Also join Justin Fletcher, Postman Pat¬ģ and Jess the Cat, Fireman Sam, the Zingzillas, Fifi & the Flowertots and Roary the Racing Car & Big Chris as they take to the stage in their all singing and dancing shows.¬†

We look forward to seeing you.

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Race for Life warm up was a great success

I am so proud of the extra work our franchisees put in to assist charities in their locations. Yesterday, Karina warmed up the crowd for The Race for Life fundraising event in Shrewsbury.

We are all aware of the great work carried out by Cancer Research UK and the progress they have made to date.  I was very pleased to hear that Karina was assisting with the fundraising for more research in to Cancer as I lost my friend from Breast Cancer last year, she was only 37 years old and mum to two young children, it was a very sad time for her, and her family and friends.

Yesterday in Shrewsbury two thousand women and children dressed in pink met to walk, run or jog the 5K ‚ÄėRace for Life‚Äô.¬† The Race for Life raises money for Cancer Research UK and takes place very year at hundreds of locations all over the UK.¬† Today was Shrewsbury‚Äôs turn.¬† Karina Davies, who runs the LazyTown Sports Club in Shrewsbury took the lead for the warm-up activity getting everyone ready for the race.¬† She was joined on stage by 5 amazing members of the LazyTown Sports Club from Minsterley Primary School.¬† The five children aged 5-8 attend the afterschool club every week and volunteered themselves for the event.¬† Karina reports ‚Äėmy volunteers were brilliant, it was such an honour to be able to share the stage with them, I hope they are feeling very proud of themselves‚Äô ¬†¬†The fifteen minute warm-up saw a sea of pink crowds moving to the Sports Club favourites routines including the Pirate¬†warmup of course.¬† Watch this space to see the photo‚Äôs from the event, and hopefully we‚Äôll get to see some video footage too.

Well done Karina, the feedback I have received has been great.

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Karina gets ready to warm up the crowds for Shrewsbury Race for Life

Karina has just contacted me about her excitement to be taking the warm up for the race for life in Shrewsbury this weekend. This is a great event and charity that helps thousands of people each year. We just wanted to wish everyone who is taking part in the event the best of luck. 

To find out more about the activities in Shrewsbury,please contact Karina on email or call 08445606432.