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Alec helps nursery in Birmingham secure healthy lifestyle award

Its smiles in Birmingham today ūüôā

Again I am so proud of the work that the franchisees are undertaking in the community, it is really making positive changes to children lives ūüôā

Alec who is our franchisee based in Birmingham, offers LazyTown Sports Club sessions within a local nursery. Today the manager has  told him that the nursery have just been awarded a healthy lifestyle award partly due to the LazyTown Sports Club classes.

Alec has been invited to go along with them and a few of their children to pick up their award at Birmingham City Football Club. The nursery are very pleased about the fantastic work undertaken by Alec.

To find out more about Alec coming along to your nursery or school, please email him at alec@fitkid.co.uk


Go Go Go Karina

I have to tell you again how proud I am to recieve an email through our website today, telling us how Karina delivered a great LazyTown Sports Club Celebration.

The hard work and dedication that Karina has put in to her franchise, shines thorugh when she receives great feedback as below. Well done Karina ūüôā

I¬†really enjoy working with franchisees who are committed to the brands and want to make a difference to children’s lives. Sadly there are too many people working with children who have no passion and enthusiam and don’t want to be in their jobs, personally I think they need to find a new career fast ūüôā However I can put my hand on my heart and say that Karina is not one of these people ūüôā

Read the great feedback below –

I just wanted to feed back how absolutely thrilled I am with Karina Davies who entertained at mu daughter’s 3rd birthday today.¬† Karina entertained 25 3 year olds and she absolutely made the party! I don’t think there was one parent who didn’t comment to me what a fabulous entertainer Karina was, plus how amazed they were that she was able to control so many children for a whole hour. The children stayed incredibly engaged for the whole time. Karina exudes energy and is completely professional.¬† The children clearly loved her.¬† I am absolutely delighted that we decided to have Karina as our entertainment.¬† Catriona, Shropshire.

Coem and join our team, email us at enquiries@fitkid.co.uk

Karina receives further fantastic reviews on her LazyTown Sports Club Classes

I had to tell you all about another proud moment today when I received an email from Karina, my franchisee in Shropshire who is doing fantastic work at a local nursery.

The children at Hillside Nursery attend a weekly LazyTown Sports Club with Karina Davies in Shrewsbury.  Their favourite activity is the Pirate Routine, here are a few photo’s of rowing the pirate boat and sorting the treasure. 

Janet Phillips¬†who is the¬†Manager at Hillside House Nursery¬†quoted “‚ÄėKarina has been coming to Hillside House Nursery in Shrewsbury since October 2010 to deliver an hour‚Äôs activity session with the LazyTown Sports Club.¬† I have always encouraged a huge sense of fun at Hillside and we have been delighted by the reaction from our Pre-School children week on week, they absolutely love the activity.¬† The enthusiasm that Karina puts into every session is infectious, and I watch every child leaping around the room with huge smiles on their faces. Not only are they having an opportunity to get active and exercise during the session, Karina also includes a health related message from Sportacus every week which the children can colour in and keep.¬† I would highly recommend that pre-school providers in Shrewsbury make contact with Karina to book these sessions.¬† I wish Karina every success for the future of FitKid Shrewsbury, the commitment that Karina is making to increase the activity levels of children is commendable.‚Äô

Karina also attends other Nurseries in Shrewsbury and is actively looking for more sessions.  If you work at a Nursery in Shrewsbury or your child attends one, please ask the owner/manager get in contact.  Karina is happy to offer a free session for any nursery who enquires about the sessions.  Karina can be contacted on karina@fitkid.co.uk or 08445 6060432.

Help us to get more kids moving !

LazyTown Sports Club franchises for Scotland!

Sportacus and his little helpers want you!!!

Mandy Beer is amazing and is doing wonderfully well in Scotland as our first LazyTown Sports Club franchisee in Scotland!

Now Scotland…¬†You want more Mandy’s and we know you are out there. Bottom line is, to back Mandy up, we want more Mandys!

We just want to say that we are delighted by the commitment and positive attitude Mandy has delivered to the development of the LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid concept in Scotland.

Her success with leisure providers ranging from local leisure centres up to the Gleneagles Hotel is testament to her work and the growing interest in this project.

Do you want to get involved?

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved in Scotland.

If you want to see the advert, it will be in the next edition of Family Life Magazine.¬†Summer Edition…click here:¬†http://www.familylifemagazine.co.uk/dl/summer10/

Of course if you are not in Scotland, we want to hear from you also and your interest in the LazyTown Sports Club Project!

Thanks also to all of those businesses, parents, and of course children, who have engaged with this fantastic product to date.

If you are unfortunate enough not to be able to attend a class yet, keep up to date on new announcements and developments here on the Blog!

Magnus Scheving launches Go step Go

Did you see BBC Breakfast this morning as Magnus and Julianna were on the BBC Breakfast show this morning talking about the new LazyTown single – Go step Go.

The single is to assit LazyTown in their mission to move the world and I was excited to see another initative that will be very beneficial to children. The single links into the use of a pedometer.

Now how can I get my hands on one of those pedometers as I want to join in with the fun the children will have using them.

FitKid is assisting LazyTown on it’s mission to move the world by rolling out The LazyTown Sports Club, if you are passionate about helping children lead an active lifestyle, please email me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk

LazyTown Sports Club and Sportacus* at Center Parcs Promotion

It’s a busy time at FitKid 

I wanted to let you know about my exciting week ahead and it’s certainly a busy one.

It‚Äôs off to London for me later this week for back to back meetings and also I‚Äôm very pleased to be collecting the Lazy Town Sports Club Master trainer ‚ÄúDyri‚ÄĚ from the airport who is here to work with us on training more people to deliver¬† The Lazy Town Sports Club Classes. He is also assisting with 2 big promotional events this weekend for the LazyTown Sports Club as one of his other many jobs in life is a body double for ‚ÄėSportacus‚Äô

Well let me tell you more about our trainer Dyri, he started working for LazyTown in 2006 as a stunt double on the LazyTown set. Due to an injury by Magnus Scheving, Dyri was asked to cover a Sportacus appearance in the UK and the rest is history.

He has now performed as Sportacus over 264 times and also works as the Master LazyTown Sports Club trainer to ensure the trainers are slick on all the moves and routinues. He certainly works the candidates hard, I remember the first training course very well which I attended, I am sure he had his finger stuck on the repeat button on the ipod at times. The trainer sessions are great fun and everyone comes out excited and motivated to teach quality and fun LazyTown Sports Club sessions.

My two daughters find it funny to make up a new challenge for Dyri when he visits to testout his back flipping and gymnastic skills¬†ūüôā ¬† They told me the challenge this visit is to back handspring¬† over a skipping rope while it is turning. They saw this done by a young boy at Epcot who made it look very easy. I wonder if Dyri will be up for the challenge…………….

 If you would like to join us on LazyTown’s mission of moving the world, please email me at nicky@fitkid.co.uk for more information. We are actively seeking dedicated and motivated people to join us.

* Official Actor

We are heading North and before you say it, I know most things are north from Poole

Wow what a day , FitKid heads North

I am very pleased to tell you that FitKid Scotland opened its official office on Monday August 2nd at Castle Business Park Stirling. Its central location in Stirling means its ideal to reach many places in Scotland. This is really going to help get more kids moving and active which is the key aim of FitKid. The team in Scotland are just as passionate as we are in Poole and this is such an amazing time for us all.

Mandy Beer the manager of FitKid Scotland is very excited to be able to open this office as it now means Scottish franchises  have a base for training  and to discuss the amazing opportunities for both FitKid and LazyTown in the area.

The classes have been a huge success since they launched in Scotland a year ago and continue to grow at a rapid pace. To find our more about becoming involved with our activities, please email enquiries@fitkid.co.uk or call 08700 85 1000.