FitKid UK Blog comes 9th in the Top 50 Blogs for Understanding and Preventing Childhood Obesity

Medical Assistant Colleges name us in their Top 50!!

Well, it seems to be a day of exciting news here at FitKid today….

Hot on the heels of our earlier announcement, we can inform you all that our Blog, within its first year, has won a place in the Top 50 Blogs for understanding and looking to prevent Childhood Obesity.

This is a great honour for FitKid and the fact that we cruised in at Number 9 is fantastic news

Both we, our partners, and our franchisees, will keep up the work of the last year well in to 2011 and beyond and we hope you will all keep following and blogging about ourwork

We intend to keep you informed of not only creative ideas and fun initiatives but of the work of all our partners as they progress further

If you would like to get moving with the FitKid and LazyTown Sports Club initiatives in your Area, please click on the photo and follow the links to our current live franchisees.

We have also recently been tapped up for further interviews on Radio and Television and visibility for our work will hopefully continue in to 2011 and beyond

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