The Power of Sportacus

The day had arrived for Sportacus’ visit to my franchisee Mandy who is based in Scotland. After our success in Dorset tackling childhood obesity with visits from Sportacus, Mandy knew this was the way forward for children in Scotland.

I have always believed that LazyTown has such a positive influence on children’s lifes and is a key to help them lead a healthy lifestyle and this visit by Sportacus to Scotland is one step closer to my dream of encouraging all children to be active.

I personally can not understand why some schools are stopping commercial companies assisting them to reduce childhood obesity. Surely now is the time for everyone to work together to reduce this problem. I heard today that Obesity is overtaking hunger as the world’s biggest health problem, say experts. The latest UN figures show there are more than a billion overweight people – including three million obese – and one billion malnourished.

This is shocking news and a big concern to all and we need to help make changes.

To me it was great to hear how the children have been active with Sportacus today and if this means that today has encouraged more children to get active then that is fantastic news.

Mandy is such a passionate person and is very dedicated to encouraging children to leada healthy lifestyle, I thank her for her suport in assisting me to live my dream of helping as many children as possible.

If you are passionate about helping children and would like to work with me, please do contact me at

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