Are Schools really open to Public/Private Commercial Partnerships?

It is not often that I state my frustrations but I am going to directly in this instance today. Are public bodies including schools really open to private providers or are they being “controlled” in some instances by public bodies who really are out of touch with what can be fun and engaging for kids, even if it is delivered by a private company. Now this is not aimed at all schools but there are some out there in areas of the UK that could perhaps break out of the shackles they are seemingly being put under and often at no choice of their own…

Anyway, many schools who need revenue are seemingly refusing to rent their facilities to private business who are “for profit”.

Not being able to promote activities from a private provider in the schools is a restriction on free trade and a restriction of choice on the part of the parents of those children. Surely the consumer should be able to decide what facilities they want in their schools or at least be given the choice to decide if they want to attend. Especially if the facilities are available and revenue can be generated. In a market economy this is what should be happening especially during an economic time when entrepreneurship is meant to be encouraged.

To restrict commercial ventures with a proven positive health message being promoted is restrictive and we are looking for press contacts in this sector to learn more about these situations. Children and their parents deserve a choice and that includes being offered the chance for their children to attend. It is not for any organisation to decide what can and cannot be done before the children and their parents have been given a right to choose.

The LazyTown Sports Club powered by FitKid is a fantastic product and we want more children to be given the chance to choose whether they would like to move like Sportacus and Stephanie. All the Go Go Go of LazyTown is a powerful tool to teach children about fun activity and healthy lifestyles.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about what is such a frustrating situation at a time when we should be getting children more active through positive engaging activities no matter who provides them. All providers should be given an opportunity and above all the children and their parents should be given a chance to decide.

Keep Moving!


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